Jen Monteleone

Interim Executive Director

For more than 30 years, Jennifer (Jen) Monteleone has supported nonprofits in achieving success as an operations consultant, interim executive director, and permanent executive director. A multipotentialite, Jen has a keen ability to quickly assess the operational and fiscal health of an organization and bring immediate stability, while implementing innovative processes and programs that lead to long-term sustainability.

She is recognized for crafting unique solutions to complex challenges – always with a focus on the good of the whole. A servant leader at heart, Jen thrives in organizations working to effect positive change in the lives of vulnerable community members.

Over the course of her career, Jen has served in a variety of industries, with an emphasis on health equity and human services, disability awareness and inclusion, community libraries for all, and the arts.

TLC’s work resonates deeply with Jen, as one of her siblings experiences hair pulling disorder or trichotillomania. Jen is responsible for guiding overall operations, programs, and management of the organization, as well as supporting the Board in the hiring process for a permanent Executive Director.