BFRB Awareness Week

Every October 1-7, the BFRB community gathers from across the globe to generate awareness, grow connections, build understanding, and smash shame for the 1-in-20 people experiencing body-focused repetitive behaviors through education, advocacy, and celebration.

BFRB Awareness Week helps destigmatize and break down myths and misperceptions about body-focused repetitive behaviors to build more opportunities for full community inclusion, compassion, and hope for individuals experiencing BFRBs, as well as the people who love and support them.

In 2022, TLC is combining the strengths of the in-person Conference with more equitable access and robust programming through a virtual, weeklong celebration of all things BFRBs coinciding with BFRB Awareness Week 2022, October 1-7. You won't want to miss this amazing week full of all things BFRBs with a little something for everyone, and some major surprises too!

The BFRB Awareness Week 2022 theme is BFRB Brave. We can’t wait for you to join us!  

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BFRB Awareness Week 2022

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2022 BFRB Awareness Week Brave Friends

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