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BFRB Changemakers Global Support Group

Are you tired of feeling alone in your struggles with hair pulling and/or skin picking? We are a peer support group open to adults 18 or older who want to learn more about Hair Pulling Disorder and Skin Picking Disorder. We are here for you at all stages from learning what are BFRBs to recovery. We focus on a growth mindset, learning BFRB fact from fiction, coping strategies at the moment, and life style changes for lasting recovery.

All are welcome!

Group info:

-Bethesda/DC/Northern VA primary and all other states and countries welcomed!

-Group leaders: Ellen and Mercy

-Location: Zoom

-Meets: the first Sunday of the month 3:30 - 5pm Eastern Time

-Please email the group leader for details and Zoom link

-New members are always welcome!

- Cost: FREE!

Meets Online

BFRB UK and Ireland

BFRB UK & Ireland runs free, peer-led support groups and events for people with BFRBs and their loved ones in the UK and Ireland. Our support groups for adults currently run every second Thursday from 8-9.30pm UK/Ireland time. We also have a support group for parents, carers and loved ones of people living with BFRBs, once a month on Wednesday from 8-9pm, and are hoping to start offering groups for under 18s soon. All of our groups are online at the moment, but we are aiming to start offering some in-person groups as well in the near future. We are one of the only organisations in the UK and Ireland who offer this.

Meets Online

Bay Area BFRB support group

We are a self-help group, so there is no acting therapist present. It is a casual and friendly environment that takes place twice a month. At the beginning of the meeting, each person gets a chance to talk for a few minutes without interruption (if they want to) about their hair-pulling and/or skin-picking, and maybe even other related/stressful issues from the previous week(s) or so. Then, we open up to a general conversation around these issues. You are welcome to participate or not each and every single time you join. There will be a facilitator present who will go over some rules and relevant information to the session if new people are present. Audio and video are required for participation.

We usually have 8-10 people. There is no requirement to come every time, though regular attendance is most helpful. There is also no fee involved. People's backgrounds vary a lot. We're all at different places or different stages of having these problems, and it seems to work well for the group.

The group is open to anyone 18 or older. It is a group just for people with BFRBs -- friends and family do not accompany members. Registration and video participation is required (i.e. you don’t have to share or comment, but your video must be working; active attention and listening are required).

State: California

Anna Toledano,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Laura Vanin,, has co-led peer support groups since 2018

Natalie Leonard,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Randi Fitzgerald,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Note: please contact all facilitators via email (collectively at, or personal).

The purpose of the group is to provide support and share experience with BFRBs in a peer-led setting. All groups are appropriate for ages 18+.

Meets Online

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Portland BFRB Support Group

This is a peer-led support group based in Portland, OR, open to people 18 and older with any BFRB.We meet virtually once a month and have occasional in-person meetups in Portland. The dates and times for both are sent via email.There is no requirement to come every month and new members (regardless of geographic location) are always welcome!Contact Sarah at for more information.

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