Educators and Staff

Educators and staff play a critical role in the development of students in their care.

Students experiencing body-focused repetitive behaviors or BFRBs, benefit from educators and staff engaged in implementing best practices to support student success. 

Learning about body-focused repetitive behaviors and how to be of best support to your student and their family leads to a positive school experience for all involved.

The TLC website provides health education resources for educators and staff to increase awareness and knowledge of body-focused repetitive behaviors, including a variety of FAQs and self-help articles.

TLC's Virtual Professional Training Institute

Educators and staff may benefit from learning more about best practices in supporting students experiencing BFRBs through TLC's Virtual Professional Training Institute (VPTI).

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TLC offers a variety of health education and community programs for individuals experiencing BFRBs, parents, family members, loved ones, educators, and clinicians, to connect, learn, and grow.

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