Health Education and Community Programs

Connecting with the BFRB community helps us know we’re not alone, lessens shame, and isolation. TLC offers a safe place for the BFRB community to participate without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

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Get Connected to the TLC BFRB Community!

From TLC Hangouts to TLC Talks, TLC Together, and more, TLC provides ongoing health education and community programs to increase knowledge, connection, celebration, and acceptance. Register today!

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TLC Hangout is a safe place for individuals with BFRBs, family members, and friends to connect and learn from one another in an informal, judgement-free environment. Moderated by TLC staff, BFRB community members are encouraged to share more about their journey to help others know they’re not alone.

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TLC Talks provide ongoing learning for the BFRB community related to advocacy, awareness, health education, and BFRB resources.

Past topics include: Ask a Clinician, Black with BFRBs, Parenting, International Women's Day.

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TLC Together is the most requested program from the BFRB community and includes opportunities for creativity, connection, and celebration through programs like BFRB Brave Books, BFRB Family Friday, Mindfulness & Meditation, Intuitive Art, and more.

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BFRB Awareness Week

Every October 1-7, the BFRB community gathers from across the globe to generate awareness, grow connections, build understanding, and smash shame for the 1-in-20 people experiencing body-focused repetitive behaviors through education, advocacy, and celebration.

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TLC Annual Conference

There's nothing like connecting with other people experiencing BFRBs. The only event of its kind, TLC's Annual Conference brings together top BFRB experts, BFRB community members and their families, for a weekend of education, support, hope, and healing.

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