Medical and Therapeutic Providers

Patients presenting with signs and symptoms related to body-focused repetitive behaviors may be challenging to diagnose and treat.

BFRB patients are often misdiagnosed which can lead to additional psychological and physical impacts. Becoming informed about the signs and symptoms of body-focused repetitive behaviors, along with evidence-based therapeutic intervention models supports both patient and provider.

The TLC Foundation offers medical and therapeutic providers continuing education through our Virtual Professional Training Institute (VPTI). Additionally, TLC offers access to Clinical Scales and other resources meant to assist providers in designing appropriate medical and therapeutic interventions for patients experiencing BFRBs.

Resources for Medical and Therapeutic Providers

Clinical Scales for Hair Pulling and Skin Picking

Clinical Scales

Guides and Resources

Health Education Library

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

DSM-5 Criteria for BFRBs

Get VPTI Certified

TLC’s Virtual Professional Training Institute (VPTI) offers medical and therapeutic treatment providers the opportunity to grow their skills and area of practice through a comprehensive CBT-Based training program for body-focused repetitive behaviors.

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Research into treatments for BFRBs, particularly hair pulling and skin picking, has grown steadily over the past decade. Although no one treatment has been found to be effective for everyone, a number of evidence-based treatment options have shown promise for many people.

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