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Bay Area BFRB support group

Meets Online

We are a self-help group, so there is no acting therapist present. It is a casual and friendly environment that takes place twice a month. At the beginning of the meeting, each person gets a chance to talk for a few minutes without interruption (if they want to) about their hair-pulling and/or skin-picking, and maybe even other related/stressful issues from the previous week(s) or so. Then, we open up to a general conversation around these issues. You are welcome to participate or not each and every single time you join. There will be a facilitator present who will go over some rules and relevant information to the session if new people are present. Audio and video are required for participation.

We usually have 8-10 people. There is no requirement to come every time, though regular attendance is most helpful. There is also no fee involved. People's backgrounds vary a lot. We're all at different places or different stages of having these problems, and it seems to work well for the group.

The group is open to anyone 18 or older. It is a group just for people with BFRBs -- friends and family do not accompany members. Registration and video participation is required (i.e. you don’t have to share or comment, but your video must be working; active attention and listening are required).

State: California

Anna Toledano,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Laura Vanin,, has co-led peer support groups since 2018

Natalie Leonard,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Randi Fitzgerald,, has co-led peer support groups since 2020

Note: please contact all facilitators via email (collectively at, or personal).

The purpose of the group is to provide support and share experience with BFRBs in a peer-led setting. All groups are appropriate for ages 18+.

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