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How do I explain my child's appearance to friends and family?

Many parents find that explaining their child's appearance to close friends and family is essential, since these are people that your child will see often. Start with the facts - define body-focused repetitive behaviors and how they affect your child. Remind your friends and family members that your child's BFRB is a medical diagnosis that doesn't define them, it's only one part of them. People with BFRBs lead full and productive lives. They attend college, hold down employment, get married, and have children. BFRBs are not self-harm and are not a result of trauma. Parents don't cause BFRBs. People with BFRBs are worthy of love and support, just like anyone else.

Share health education resources, like TLC's website, Encourage ongoing conversations with family members and answer questions to help them better understand.

Your journey is not unique, and you are not alone.