Find answers to a wide range of common questions related to BFRBs.
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For Parents

What can families and friends do to help?
My child hasn't pulled/picked in over a year. Will it come back?
Are BFRBs harmful for my child?
I'm an adult who has a BFRB. Does that mean my child will get a BFRB?
How do I ensure my child will not start pulling/picking from other parts of their body?
Will my child "grow out" of their BFRB?
Did I do something wrong? Is this my fault?
Why can't my child just stop pulling/picking/biting?
Is it because I am not there for my child 100% of the time?
How do I get treatment for my child?
Should I take my child to a therapist?
Should I take my child to get formally diagnosed?
What role do parents play in the treatment process?
Are there support groups or places to take my child where other people will understand us?
How do I cope with this?
Will my child ever have a relationship, go to prom, go away to college?
How do I respond to people asking questions about my child/staring at them?
How do I explain my child's appearance to friends and family?
Should I tell my child's teachers and/or their school administration about the disorder?
Are there accommodations for BFRBs that I should request from the school?
My child wants to get a haircut. Is there a salon near us familiar with hair pulling disorder?
My child wants to tell their friends about their BFRB. Should I let them?
What should I say and not say to my child?
Is there anything I can do to help them?
How can I teach my child the best way to react and respond to negative comments about their BFRB?
How can I empower my child to manage this behavior on their own?
Should I let them get a wig? Isn't that enabling them?
Will my child be bullied?