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How can I empower my child to manage this behavior on their own?

Knowing that this is your child's journey, clearly listening to their needs, hopes, and dreams can help you navigate best practices in empowering them to live fully into themselves. Asking gentle clarification questions like, "How can I support you?", "What would you like me to know about your BFRB?", "How can I be your best advocate?" can be a great place to start a conversation. Keep in mind that this is a journey; that means there will be good days and there will be difficult days - but through it all, focus on the person your child is first, not their behaviors. What do they need to feel safe? What do they need to feel supported? What do they need to honor themselves?

As parents, it's not always easy to take a step back and let our children guide us. Asking for help from others on this journey connects you to resources and support. Signing up for TLC's health education and community programs to learn more helps you become the best parent you can be.