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Should I tell my child's teachers and/or their school administration about the disorder?

When teachers and school staff know about your child's BFRB, it may make for an easier school year for the child, family, and school. However, disclosing your child's BFRB is a very personal decision. Start by talking with your child about their comfort level of sharing their BFRB at school. If they're new to the school, it may take time to build rapport and trust with teachers and school staff. If they're a returning student, ask them if there's a teacher or school staff member who they trust to be their safe person/advocate in case uncomfortable interactions with peers occur during the school day. If your child's BFRB is noticeable, such as bald patches, heavy scarring, etc., consider asking the teacher if additional education can be provided to classmates and their parents about body-focused repetitive behaviors to help break down myths and misperceptions and build inclusion.

Forming a strong school and home partnership sets everyone, most importantly your child, up for a successful school year.