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My child wants to tell their friends about their BFRB. Should I let them?

Your child's journey with BFRBs is very personal. Remember that a BFRB is a medical diagnosis that doesn't define your child. They have so many special gifts beyond their hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, or cheek biting. Disclosing to anyone should be their decision. If they're at a place where they feel comfortable sharing their medical diagnosis with their friends - trust them, even though you may be afraid their choice to disclose may hurt them. Perhaps they've discovered that their friends have interests in common like music, movies, fashion, art, sports, or more. Trust your child to make a good decision for themselves; and be there to celebrate if things go well or with encouragement if things become challenging.

Offer to role-play with your child how they plan to tell their friends. Make gentle suggestions where needed, coming from a place of love.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your child is important for their overall physical health and emotional well-being. Learning more about BFRBs gives you the opportunity to become your child's best advocate. The TLC website is a good start, along with participating in TLC's health education and community programs.